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THE PT-1-2440-6 Bell Timer Unit

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Signal Bell Programmers and programmable Signal controllers for factory bells

For precise control over bells or horns in a industrial or commercial application pulse control can be set to 1 to 99 seconds.  For companies that do not have a punch clock to ring start of shift or lunch and coffee breaks we have a complete line of programmable bell timers which can handle any switching arrangement.  In most industrial locations there are multiple shift START/END times with different schedules depending on the day of week, most commercially sourced program timers (those from hardware stores or department box stores) do not have the capability to have more than 6 to 8 ON/OFF events per day and the schedule can not be different from one day to the next,  our timer can have up to 50 ON/OFF or PULSE events per day with a different bell schedule for every day of the week.  If you have a bell ringing requirement that cannot be accommodated by a hardware store timer then this timer is for you!  This programmable timer is truly the most FLEXIBLE 7 day 365 day a year  timer on the market, if you require a bell or signal to ring automatically at pre-determined times then this one circuit timer will provide your company with the most flexibility and convenience of any timer available today, we also carry 2 and 4 circuit model for companies that want to switch more than 1 circuit at a time.Typical Application

  • Lunch Break Timer
  • Coffee Break Timer, ring bell or horn to signify start and end oflunch break
  • Bell Timer for Industrial Factory, bell to ring for start and end of shift
  • School Bell Timers, ring bells for start and end of class
  • Countdown timer
  • Programmable timer or program timer for factory bells

This digital  timer  provides to-the-minute programming for 7-day or full year load control  of factory bells and horns. Full year control features include up to 10 different "holidays" each of which can be programmed for any duration. Any holiday or holiday duration can be left for "no load activity" or programmed for a unique load activity. Fully automatic daylight saving time adjustment, with user selectable override, and automatic leap year adjustment are also standard on the PT series. Weekly programming provides single step weekday and weekend programming to simplify typical 5/2 day load control. An automatic review feature enables quick easy review of all programmed data.

Please call us today for a now obligation assessment of your specific requirements, we will select and put together a complete affordable solution. We have the experience and knowledge to have become the leaders in Bell and Signal control for industrial, instituitional and commercial settings.

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