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                              2440 AutoBell with Bell AutoBell with Buzzer AutoBell with Bell & Clock
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Autobell with Buzzer & ClockAutoBell
                              with Tone output to paging amplifier
TK-2440-4HD      TK-2440TG


Introducing the next generation AutoBell
Factory & School Bell timer

  • Control Bells From Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Easy to program No software Required
  • Add/Modify your lunch & breaks or class change easliy over Smart Phone/Tablet or PC
  • Can be Stand alone or Wif connected
  • Accurate Time ..No More time drift synchronize with cell phone/computer or Atomic clock

All New Autobell  Touch Screen 7 Day programmable timer
The Autobell timer is a revolutionary new timer that can be connected to your schools or factories Wifi, Simply control your bells with the ease of a easy to use Web page interface. No programming or complicated programming rules.
Finally a timer that can be easy to use and manage, no need to go to the timer to make changes...Great for schools or factories where changing schedules often occur.

  • 40 events per day
  • ON/OFF or Momentary ON from 1 to 60 seconds
  • Daylight Savings Auto adjust
  • Battery Back up
  • Touch Screen Programming
  • Accurate to 1 second per week

 bell wiring diagram

Wifi Connectivity included as standard
for precise time accuracy to ntp , timer will keeps it time exactly to ntp server or
Atomic clock, this is great feature for schools or company's  that to synchronize the bell system to their computerized punch in punch out clocking systems

Multi - Schedule included as Standard

Optional Large Format Digital Wall clock
In some cases Customers will like to have the timers time displayed  in a larger format, the Autobell timer has the ability to have a digital system clock wired to its output, the timer will power the clock and synchronize the external wall clock to its time
Great for Keeping employees from constantly checking the time on cell phones.
With the addition of the 4 inch display (viewable up to 125 feet away) employees will look to one clock for the official time and there will be disputing the time.

Pleas email for details and wiring requirements

These clocks are direct wired using a 3 conductor 18 gauge stranded wire  and are compatible with PT series, Autobell Series and 4 Channel timers

AutoBell Manual
Autobell Flyer

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