PT Series timer

  • PT Series timer can have up to 50 events per day.
  • The PT series timer is programmed directly from the 4 button keypad and has a clock accuracy of +/- 20 seconds per month.

WR-2 Series

  • WR-2 Series is connected to your network with normal CAT5e cable and has a built in WEB Interface or WEB GUI.
  • The WR-2 can be set to automatically synchronize with any NTP server so you get Atomic clock precision time control.

AutoBell Series

  • The AutoBell can be programmed from the touch screen at the timer.
  • It can be programmed and controlled from any Smart Phone PC or Tablet when it is connected to your network via Wifi connectivity.


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2 Channel Network Based Relay Timer


WR-2 DIY WR-2 2440 WR-2-2440-6 WR-2-2440-4H WR-2-2440-6D
      WR-2 DIY      WR-2-2440      WR-2-2440-6  WR-2-2440-4H   WR-2-2440-6D


Control Bells Over Web No Software Required....... Program Over Any Browser

WR-2 Controller is an electro-mechanical relay with built-in web page interface, allowing complete control from any network connected web browser. It can be controlled and or monitored over any IP network, including private networks, IP based industrial control networks and the Internet.

  • 2 Output Relays
  • 100 Daily Events
  • Pulse Output 1-99second duration for Bell or Horn
  • On/OFF Control
  • Synchronize to any time source
  • Configure from any Web Browser
  • Operates on any 12-24 VDC Universal plug-in power supply
  • PoE version available

The WR-2 unit allows for total synchronization of your factory bells or horns as well as operate analog and digital wall clocks throughout your facility.

The WR-2 unit can be connected to any computer or network by simple ethernet connection, it can be configured via any web browser and then operate off-line in stand alone mode.

Best of all there is no software required, making setup SIMPLE and effortless



Figure 1. WR-2 Relay Controlling 1 Bell Circuit


Figure 2. WR-2 Relay Controlling 2 Bell Circuits


Figure 3. WR-2 Relay Controlling 1 Bell Circuit & 1 Clock Circuit

Figure 1. WR-2-2440 Complete Plug N Play Package

Figure 1. Bell Control

Figure 2. Bell & Clock Control

WebPage Interface



Wiring Configuration when exceeding Web Relays 4 amp internal contacts

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