PT Series timer

  • PT Series timer can have up to 50 events per day.
  • The PT series timer is programmed directly from the 4 button keypad and has a clock accuracy of +/- 20 seconds per month.

WR-2 Series

  • WR-2 Series is connected to your network with normal CAT5e cable and has a built in WEB Interface or WEB GUI.
  • The WR-2 can be set to automatically synchronize with any NTP server so you get Atomic clock precision time control.

AutoBell Series

  • The AutoBell can be programmed from the touch screen at the timer.
  • It can be programmed and controlled from any Smart Phone PC or Tablet when it is connected to your network via Wifi connectivity.
PoE Clock
Poe Clocks with Programmable Bell Timer

  Power over Ethernet Clocks: Today’s Standard in Synchronized Time Long gone are the days of high-voltage (120vac) wires and conduit leading to your facility’s timekeeping systems. Power over Ethernet clocks —also known as IP network clocks, Ethernet clocks and NTP clocks—are today’s standard in synchronized time, delivering both power and time updates through one cable connected to your facility’s Ethernet.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology derives power and synchronized time updates from your existing network
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustments
  • No master clock or serial connection required
  • High-impact, black plastic case with shatter-resistant polycarbonate crystal
  • 50 programmed daily events.
  • Automatic compensation for leap year.
  • Built in Bell Relay Normally open contacts rated at 120 VAC 5 amps





PoE clock


1 Output Relay

Relay Rating

Form "C" 120 VAC 5 Amps

Maximum Events

50 Events per relay


12 VDC plug in adaptor or PoE




Black Case


5.0 lbs

Maximum Load

5.0 Amps @ 120VAC


Figure 1 Analog Clock with Internal Buzzer

Figure 1 Digital Clock with External Signal

Figure 2 Analog Clock with Internal Buzzer

Figure 1 Analog Clock with Internal Buzzer

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