PT Series timer

  • PT Series timer can have up to 50 events per day.
  • The PT series timer is programmed directly from the 4 button keypad and has a clock accuracy of +/- 20 seconds per month.

WR-2 Series

  • WR-2 Series is connected to your network with normal CAT5e cable and has a built in WEB Interface or WEB GUI.
  • The WR-2 can be set to automatically synchronize with any NTP server so you get Atomic clock precision time control.

AutoBell Series

  • The AutoBell can be programmed from the touch screen at the timer.
  • It can be programmed and controlled from any Smart Phone PC or Tablet when it is connected to your network via Wifi connectivity.
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Master Clock Bell & Clock Controller
lunch break timer


The MC-100 Master Clock System requires minimal setup time up to run 15 clocks or 10 bells from a single zone. The system can support up to 300 events and is expandable to run 4 bell zones and up to 200 clocks with a power booster.  Note: Qty of bells and clocks may very depending upon how many are run on a single string.  System maximum output is 24 volts and up to 1,000mA. 

MC-100 Master Clock System at a Glance:
• Single-zone system supports up to 300 events
• Expandable to 4 zones and up to 200 clocks with a power booster
• Plug-and-play low voltage system, high voltage format available
• Minimal setup time and electrical support
• Battery backup
• Auto time correction within 2 minutes of power restoration
• Auto daylight savings time adjustment
• 12-hour or 24-hour display for digital clocks
• Software included for PC screen setup

Kit Includes:
Master Clock Terminal, software, 50’ cable, mounting bracket, and instruction manual.


Figure 1. MC 100 Single Zone Stand Alone Mode

Figure 2. MC 100 Single Zone Combined Mode

Figure 3. MC 100 Multi Zone Mode


Wiring Diagrams

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