PT-Series Mods
PT Series Custom Modifications

In This section we will be adding some of our Custom Modifications to our PT series Timers, we can custom design any type of control required. We have

  • 1 Channel Output
  • 2 Channel Output

Please contact us with your specific desogn, we will be happy to add more modifications

  • PT-2 Series Timer

Is a 2 Circuit Model of the popular PT-1 series timer the PT-2 has 2 output relays with 50 events per relay

  • PT-1-2440SW Timer


Summer Winter change over Hours. For Companies that require a Summer Bell Schedule and a Winter Bell Schedule. We have designed a timer that with a simple switch , can toggle between 2 different schedules....No need to re-program the timer each time your Summer/Fall bell schedule changes, simply flip the switch and the correct schedule will operate.

  • PT-1-WR Timer

We've added a wireless contact closure transmitter & reciever module to the PT series timers. Now with this wireless transmitter no wiring is needed for the remote bell or signal device , the transmitter will provide wireless contact closure for up to 1000 yards.

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