IP Clock


The IP Clock is a Power over Ethernet (PoE) synchronized clock that requires only an RJ-45 connector to connect to existing data networks. It allows simultaneous broadcast to both phones and speakers.

General Features:
  • PoE (Powered over Ethernet) so no electric hookup required, AC power is optional.
  • Clock autosetting to NTP atomic time server or manually set.
  • Field upgradable.
  • Programmable display intensity.
  • Countdown timer.
  • Stopwatch.
  • WiFi optional.
Mass Notification Features:
  • Microphone for two way communication.
  • Scrolling text interspersed with clock function, programmable.
  • Built in web server for status, texting, etc.
  • Emergency Hi-Brite indicators.
  • Audio for paging, emergency broadcast, clock chimes, alarms, etc.
  • Multi-color LED option to create a color base priority scheme (For example, clock: yellow, text: green, emergency: red).
  • With ClockWise software: alarm scheduling, clock tones, reminders, etc.


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