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Bell Over Web Web Enabled Bell Programmer
single bell controller


TASC Controller is an electro-mechanical relay with built-in web page interface, allowing complete control from any network connected web browser. It can be controlled and or monitored ver any IP network, including private networks, IP based industrial control networks and the Internet.

The TASC unit allows for total synchronization of your factory bells or horns as well as operate analog and digital wall clocks throughout your facility.

The TASC unit can be connected to any computer or network by simple ethernet connection, it can be programmed and operate off-line in stan alone mode. the TASC unit will automatically reference the Atomic clock via its internal antenn, your time will never drift.

Best of all there is no software required, making setup SIMPLE and effortless



TASC UNIT Multiple Zone

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TASC Slide Presentation

Wiring Diagrams

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