Manually Activated Countdown Break Timers
countdown timer
countdown timer
break bell

The IT series are manually activated countdown break timers, they are used to control the length of time taken for Coffee Breaks and/or Lunch Breaks. Breaks can now be timed to the minute, thereby reducing the amount of time taken by employees. The timer that will signal when break starts and again when break is finished.

There is a large digital countdown display which displays time remaining on break. There are 2 buttons located on the front panel each button can be programmed for the duration of your break and lunch, by pressing either the break or lunch button the timer will ring a connected horn or bell to signify the start of break or lunch, the timer will countdown to 00 minutes and ring a signal to signify end of break or lunch.

Companies that use a coffee truck or lunch truck for breaks, generally when the coffee truck arrives the plant wlil start a break, the break is normally 15 minutes and the lunch is 30 minutes .

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